The most beautiful moments in the world, cannot be stay timeless without capturing them.


I am Vangelis a storytelling videographer and photographer and I decided a couple of years ago, to make my hobby, my profession.

Videography and photography for me is a source of energy, like travelling! These two are inextricably linked and they have shaped me, as a person, over the years.

I want to explore new places, meet new people, new civilisations and cultures, so travelling its my main source of energy and inspiration.  

  I have been to 30 countries so far and am fortunate to have friends from all over the globe. The art of wedding photography and cinematography it’s my hobby. Every couple its unique , with their particularities and so their photos and videos should be special!

 My relation, with the people i work for, i want to be something more than, business, i want them to have a meaning, like my photos or videos.

I want my images with you starring, to remind you the special moments of that unique day, the feelings, the jokes, everything. The moments of that day, timeless though my images, will accompany you for ever.